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The field of dentistry is highly complex and the expenses involved are constantly increasing. For a dental clinic, access to strategic and accounting support is a major high-level issue.

Given the different options—acquiring an existing clinic, starting one’s own clinic, or working as an associate dentist on percentage in another practice—the need for accurate, professional advice specific to the field is becoming increasingly important.And given that dentists have the right to incorporate, as well as constantly changing tax and accounting laws, dental practices are increasingly in need of high-quality and adapted accounting services.

Did you know that your clinic may also be entitled to partially recoup the commodity (indirect) taxes you currently pay?



Obviously, the requirement for physicians to be incorporated is well established. But with so many tax and accounting changes, it’s important to diagnose short- and medium-term needs, not to mention plan for accounting over the long term. Optimizing your financial health is our business.

Obtaining wise tax advice and exploring the option of income splitting are the key issues for physicians. So it’s important to seek out our counselling services as soon as you start your residency to properly plan for the launch of your professional practice.



Podiatry is a rapidly expanding field, now that Quebecers can train to be podiatrists and that people are increasingly mindful of their overall wellness. As a result of these key factors, podiatrists are now recognized for their professionalism and specialization.

Many podiatrists show entrepreneurial drive, which incites them to form partnerships or found clinics. Moreover, the Québec market is far from saturated and remains wide open for these specialists, allowing them to easily establish a practice.

Since 2016, podiatrists have been entitled to the tax benefits of incorporation. Our knowledge in this field and our support services for incorporation can help you progress toward your goal of achieving profitability. Did you know that your clinic may also be permitted to partially recoup the commodity (indirect) taxes you currently pay?



Chiropractic is a field relatively unknown to the general public and there are few resources available to doctors to assist them in their practice. At the accounting level, at least, we can help.

Depending on the type of clinic—solo practice, a partnership or practice with associates on percentage—needs are changing and the assistance required must be customized.

Just as a doctor of chiropractic can specialize in different disciplines, Groupe Gestion Globale offers a variety of specialized expertise for the various health professionals involved.



The profession of optometry requires specialized accountants with vision and a plan for the future. Your financial statements are the eye exam component of your financial health checkup, and banking institutions need the results to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re an owner, partner or self-employed optometrist, and whether or not your practice includes an eyewear store, Groupe Gestion Globale will help you see clearly when making financial decisions. We can help you with your financing requests to acquire an optometry clinic, establish a partnership, start up, sell, or relocate.



Veterinary medicine is an increasingly in-demand service among Quebecers. Needs are changing and evolving, which means practitioners must pay close attention to management matters.

Nearly 50% of active veterinarians are in the pet-care business, the most lucrative area of activity.

Groupe Gestion Globale specializes in delivering the benefits of experience and expert advice to professionals in this particular industry.

Given the various legal structures they may have, veterinary practices need specialized assistance, which means support and guidance adapted to their needs, along with quality service, to ensure that they prosper amidst the many changes in taxation and accounting.

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